Alexandra Apsokardou


Performance with the recitation of a passage from Homer's Iliad and the 1997 poem "Blue Motorcycle" by George Fulippidis. With the model of a 15th century BC Dendra armour from Mycenae and the contemporary equipment of a motocross rider, a new armour was reconstructed with design spolia of both.With the reuse of materials such as fabric upholstery and integration of equipment, the new type of armour was born combining the old historical element with the new.

The boar's defensive helmet is replaced by a fabric and formica flake construction. These armours redefine their use and link the past and future of the rider. At the same time, the construction of the contemporary boar defense helmet emerges the supremacy of choice of industrial materials valuable in need to protect nature, since the original helmets were made from skin and tusks of boars. Such animal, organic materials are now banned and the old tendency to anthropocentrism no longer exists, as synchronicity highlights the need to respect every living being.

Costume made from reusable materials.