Basic structures. The ruin under construction

By Vasilis Kavouridis

As basic structures, I consider the first structures that the human mind put in chaos to feel safe. It is, I believe, the way man has so that he can manage the fear of the unknown, of the incomprehensible, of what he cannot see or imagine. Of internal and external chaos.

The ruin under construction is the plan of a construction which is in an unspecified stage of its creation... It is simultaneously under construction and under demolition. I will follow the mathematical model that says destruction precedes creation. Thus, for creation and reconstruction to come, a spectacular, inevitable, firework-like destruction must precede.

Vassilis Kavouridis

was born in 1976 in Athens but since 2001 he lives and works in Mykonos. He is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Florina, Greece. Mainly he expresses himself through painting, sculpture, video and performance, combining all of them in order to create works of art and installations where the viewer is invited to enter into a world of new rules. He is also trying at the same time to express those concepts and positions of our times that have to do with the visible and invisible, subjective, and objective reality.

The Workshop will take place on 28-29/7/2023 at Mycenae Station, Fichti