Creative recycling

By Dionysis Bouleros

"Since I was a child I had a passion for making things with everything I had around me. Growing up I realized that this is what people always did – they didn't throw away the old, broken objects but found ways to re-construct them without losing their practicality and beauty. I started so, to discover in the trash or in unexpected places precious finds that whisper their stories to me, they get mixed up with mine, we connect and then they ask me, like in fairy tales, to give them a new life. And I do it because along with it helps to find the good in people too. Going beyond conventional solutions I learn a lot, expand my boundaries, open up and stretch myself by inventing connections to the social issues that concern me."

Dionysis Bouleros

is a self-taught artist. He is mainly active in the field of creative recycling-reuse of materials and objects and decoration. He uses old objects and materials, giving them another life. Repurposed objects bear signs of their past lives, tell their own stories and reconnect with people. His art can be a reminder of the potential for waste reduction and the creative conversation of the old with the new.

For more information: https://www.athensvoice.gr/politismos/design-arhitektoniki/3643/vasiko-enstikto-ena-heiropoiito-spiti-stin-eyvoia/

The exhibition will take place on 30/7/2023 at Mycenae Station, Fichti