the unique musical group of Constantinos Bibi comes to FictiArt.

After a sweeping season, with seventeen live shows and over 2,500 tickets, the craziest band in Athens, Dalkance, that you loved and honored with your presence and furious dancing, returns with a new line-up, new program and original material. Wilder, more dancing, more clubbing, more furious, more erotic, more ready for a winter full of passions and dalliances.

Keyboards, beats, guitars, bouzoukis, baglamades, basses and loupadoros return to the FichtiArt stage in a series of twisted covers of songs we all loved, but never imagined we would hear them this way.

R n' B hits from the 00s, pop songs from our 90s childhood, our rock adolescence, rebetika and folk from all decades pass through the band and reach the public "gruvata", danceable, atmospheric and... dalkadiaric.

Constantinos Bibi who takes the microphone and a trio of wonderful musical multi-tools return for a series of even more god-crazy live performances. Grigoris Eleftheriou is on guitars, synths and productions. On the bouzouki, baglama, oud and clarinet is Konstantinos Tsiboukis. On bass and the bass station is Yiannis Voutsinas.

This is a live for those who fell in love, for those who were in pain, for those who have respect and want to dance and sing about their pain.

The concert will take place at the Mycenae Station, Fichti