Gipsy Groove

Gipsy Groove

will captivate the audience with their diverse, multinational melodies. Gipsy Groove (@gipsygroove) craft their own style through combining Balkan Romani music and other Balkan Folk styles with elements of Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Ska, Drum & Bass. Their performances are known for the lively atmosphere, strong interchange with the audience and improvisational elements added throughout

The journey of Gipsy Groove began back in 2010, when Kafu & Mirsad decided to team up and begin playing and creating original music. Their mission from the start is to raise awareness on inequality, freedom of movement, racism, women’s rights, and human rights in general. Their work is an artistic depiction of real life in Kosovo and the Balkans, with all of its never-ending interplay of hardship and joy.

The work of Gipsy Groove is a combination of strong love for music, camaraderie, a message for unity and equality, and an unrelenting passion for challenges such as live performances and precious moments with the audience.


Vocals: Bajram Kafu Kinolli

Bass and Double bass: Enver Muhamedi

Saxophone: Ivan Ivanov

Drums: Misrad Dalipi

Guitar: Faruk Banjska

Clarinet: Igor Ivanov

The concert will take place on July 13 at the Mycenae Station, Fichti