Katerina Korre

I create my own totem.

Its shape is organic, sometimes reminiscent of a vulva, sometimes of a phallus. With it I protect myself - In it I pray - With it I dig to find the reason I created it in the first place ... I dig, I dig forever - or so I feel. Digging. I stick. I dig, I dig. -Too painful to dig your own flesh. You never know what you'll find in the layers below.

Can anything precious be and no. The memories are there - time their only enemy... but come on I'm stuck on you magnifying glass. This is a digital space designed in Unity that alludes to the process of excavating/digging into the epithelial tissue/soil, searching for its memory.The process is repeated over and over again. The process is repeated over and over again. The life-size totem composed of leaves and writing as well as a petrified surface that again is composed of the same leaves and writing.