Music and dance performance

Next Station

By "Ochi Paizoume"/

UrbanDig Project

My maternal grandfather was a stationmaster. My great-grandfather on my father's side was a train driver at Mylos railway station in Argolida. Bodies, movement/movement/flow. On the one hand, the "holy" waters, in the Lerna Mysteries, gave depth to my origin, pride for my place, and on the other hand, the stationary trains at the station almost screamed at my adolescent body to move, to come to life, " may he not die", like the black iron carriages of the station. The waters and trains mapped on me, places of succession and transition, from myth to history, from abandonment to the vitality and mystery of the earth, from inside to outside, from ego to world.

People are also looking for their next stop. In this project I will note - bodies, movements and flows on a handmade map, to record resilience, possible routes and redirection. Next stop: a place of transportation, change, hope. Come with me.


Performers: Eirini Alexiou

Directed by: George Sahinis

Video / photos: Maria Tultsa

Artistic/research/dramatic contribution:

Babis Antoniadis, Katerina Kokkinos Kennedy, Thomas Kokkinos Kennedy

The performance will take place at Myloi station, Myloi