A solo piece on a treadmill that never stops, a speed race against the corrosion of time.

A woman indulges maniacally in jogging in place—in this health practice as much as self-torture. Someone is monitoring her like a metronome of her steps: the composer Jan Van Angelopoulos, live, along with his keyboards and electroacoustic soundscapes.

Inspired by catwalks (European, New York, Dramatic Catwalks, etc.), “RUNWAY” explores a woman’s array of behaviors and transformations based on the era’s dominant beauty standards. Catwalks morph into a form of silly walks as the performer walks, runs, stumbles, puts on make-up, fixes her hair, stumbles on her heels, and recovers her balance in a race against the corrosion of time and the terror it induces. The treadmill is used as a beauty and wellness tool, as well as an existential prison, a torture instrument, and a conveyor belt for standardized products with expiration dates. It is eventually elevated to the symbol of a grotesque and absurd catwalk.

is a professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, born in Athens. She graduated from the National School of Dance (KSOT) in 2012 and from the Athens University of Economics and Business in 2008. She presented her first work, entitled "Chained", at the Arc For Dance Festival 15 as well as other events such as the Patras Art Festival 3, Dance Laboratory Rhodes 7 and won the second prize of the judges at the Masdanza Dance Festival 28 in the Canary Islands. He also choreographed the dance videos "Sink" and "Bouboulina", which were presented at various festivals, such as Dance Days Chania, Athens Video Dance Project, Patras Art Festival, Moving Images Videodance Festival (Cyprus), Land Art Moving Biennial specializing in video-dance (Portugal), Zêzere CineDança Festival (Portugal), Emergentia (Switzerland) and Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions (England).

As a dancer, she participated in Romeo Castellucci's "MA" and tours with Siamese Dance Co.'s "Lamenta" project. She has been continuously attending seminars and teaching dance since 2007.

In the summer of 2023, in Elefsina, she left the best impression by presenting the work "Bouboulines", in the context of the European Capital of Culture "2023 Elefsis" and the Academy of Choreography U(R)TOPIAS, starring her mother and other elderly non-professionals dancers to set up a heroic ritual against the wear of time in a seaside tavern. Now, with RUNWAY, it's her turn to harness time on a treadmill that never stops.

The performance will take place at the Mycenae station, Fichti

By Christiana Kosiari

Christiana Kosiari