Programme 2023


Time 18:00

Fichti primary school

Day 1 (28/7/2023)

Mycenae Station

Time 19:30

Interactive presentation of the book by Alexia Petropoulos «My magical body, medical science through theatrical acts»

Opening of Ludovic Campino, Vasiliki Sofra, Thanasis Kalantzis and Magda Mara exhibitions

«Eight-chord Routes», Youth music group

Jazz Manouche, the legacy of Django Reinhardt Quartet Franky Reinhardt (France)

Time 20:00

Time 21:00

Day 2 (29/7/2023)

Aetolithi House (Fichti)

Time 19:00

Opening of the visual artist's Aimilia Tsekoura exhibition.

Time 19:30

Modern dance «D I P S A S Sparagmata» from the team "Ochi Paizoume" / UrbanDig Project

Time 21:00


*The painter Antonio Biferno will exhibit his work of art in the courtyard of the house.

«a cappella» female music group

**The exhibition of the painter Emilia Tsekoura will be open to the public throughout August, 18:00-21:00

Day 3 (30/7/2023)

Mycenae Station (Fichti)


Experimental Stage of Thessalian Theater 2023

  • The nettle-gathering old women, witches and cooks of secret Thessaly

Time 21:00

Directed by Constantinos Della

Time 18:00

«What is graffiti?», Creative workshop for children with Angelos Hatzidimitriou and Lydia Christakopoulou

Fichti Primary school

Time 19:00

Exhibition of creative recycling, Reuse of materials and objects by the artist Dionysis Bouleros

Time 19:30

«Landscape of movement, Anna 2». Performance by moVink, Anna Anousakis and Vassilis Kavouridis

Day 4 (31/7/2023)

Mycenae Station (Fichti)

Time 21:00

Prelude for Piano and voice, George Tsokanis piano, Stavros Salabasopoulos, tenor

Friendly participation Rania Koutroulis, Mesophone

Time 23:00

Closing the festival with DJ Nasiopoulos Gabriel.


1) The faces of FichtiArt, live painting from from Akis Ukerloglou

3) «After the abandonment comes regeneration» Pavillon Relancé, Experiential Laboratory of Architectural and Visual Investigation. From the School of Architecture of Thessaloniki and the School of Fine Arts of Florina

Experiential architecture workshop milieu paysage laboratoire AMP Paris La Villette France

(Art Center fougaro on 31/7, 10.00 am)

2) Performance Laure Florençon : Le corps révélé au confessionnal

5) «Empowerment of women and support of female entrepreneurship» Wisefour (Art Center Fougaro, 31/7/2023 12:00 pm)

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4) «Basic structures. The ruin under construction» Graffiti workshop by Vassilis Kavouridis