Tatiana Choremi

« Help me to have
sweet dreams »

I was born in the house where Angelos Sikelianos lived and died
Every time I slept on the side
looking at the wall
I saw the same nightmare
The land of dreams was happening
always at the wall
in a sugar shack
when I reached out and touched it
an old man came out and chased me
My sister believed
that the house had a ghost
I saw him in my sleep
to chase me
I ran and ran
until I fell
and I hit my two knees
at Aggelos Sikelianos
every time I slept
on the side facing the wall
Sometimes the ghosts
live inside the wall.

Physical or emotional pain?
It's the same pain
While women continue to suffer
in a patriarchal system
Hurt like you
Hurt like you
Hurt like you
Like you
A statement
A Symbol
Never forget
Women are mistreated
Women suffer
Women suffer


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