Small bouzouki orchestra

The old clock at the small station

Arrivals and departures in Greek songs.

From Manos Loizos to Takis Mousafiris, from Mikis Theodorakis to Trypes and from Manos Hadjidakis to Nikos Papazoglou, the references to the train in Greek song are numerous, thus revealing the position and the special - substantive and symbolic - meaning that this magical means of transportation had in the life of the Greek, especially before the invasion of private cars and the abandonment of the medium.

So, in the concert.. railway songs will be heard, songs about stations but also about ports, songs about partings and meetings, songs of lost loves and lovers who reunited in the most suitable place, the Argos Railway Station, on Monday 15/7.

Chrysi Papagiannouli - Voice

Nikos Plios - Voice, guitar

George Papadopoulos - Electric guitar

Antonis Tzikas - Double bass

Tasos Giannoussis - Voice, bouzouki, baglama

The concert will take place at the Argos Railway Station on Monday 15/7 at 9:09 pm.

The old clock at the small station